• flag-outside-presidential-palace-Paris-flew-half-mast

    French Flag

    As per the Article 2 of the French Constitution dating from the 28 September 1958, the national insi...

  • 9222729280_2b3492877f_b

    St. Ouen Abbey church

    St. Ouen Abbey church would have been a great house of prayer anyplace else in France be that as it ...

  • french-wine-bottles-750x410

    French Wines

    With their right around 2,000 years of history and an exceptional interwoven of scenes, skill and ne...

  • CordonBleumain

    Le Cordon Bleu

    Le Cordon Bleu is the world’s biggest accommodation training organization, with more than 50 s...

  • JoanOfArcTower

    Tower of Joan of Arc, Rouen

    The main part that remaining parts from the medieval mansion of Rouen, the previous keep was named a...

  • Hotel-des-Invalides-bassin-630x405-C-Thinkstock_block_media_big (1)

    The Tallest Churches of Paris

    1. Saint-Louis-des-Invalides (seventh arrt) Tallness of the arch: 107m 2. Notre-Dame Cathedral (four...

  • disneyland-gallery00

    An icing strawberry cake château at Disneyland Paris

    The kitsch reproduction of the children’s story château of Sleeping Beauty serves as the prima...

  • image

    Grand Gallery of Evolution

    The fantastic building lodging the Grand Gallery of Evolution stands toward the formal’s end p...

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History of cognac

You’ve presumably heard this: “All cognac is liquor however not all schnaps is cognac”. To ...

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Salt Flats in Camargue

It’s only one of France’s salt pads in Camargue that makes this astonishing regular sensation. ...

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In spite of its name the Pont-Neuf (actually New Bridge) is Paris’ most established standing ...

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10 French Films to Watch

French silver screen is eminent for joining the fastidious craft of film making with brilliant ...

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Best hotels to stay in France

From Paris to Provence, Lyon to the Loire Valley, there is an irrepressible charm about ...

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Lavender field in Provence

Lavender is a major ordeal in Provence. Truth be told, lavender has even been depicted ...

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France travel guide and travel information

France Travel Guide You could spend a lifetime of occasions in France and still not ...

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Champagne and the Ardennes

The bubbly stuff is the reason a great many people visit Champagne, attracted to the ...

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